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Armies of Gielinor: Guthix Awakens

March 31 2010

You've played Armies of Gielinor: Zamorak Returns. You've played the Saradomin Strikes expansion. But now it's time for your biggest Armies of Gielinor challenge yet.

Today, we at Jagex are extremely proud to announce the release of Armies of Gielinor: Guthix Awakens, a formidable and dramatic conclusion to the Armies of Gielinor trilogy.

  • Behold as Guthix wakes to the horror of a world ruined by warring rival gods.
  • Master 22 brand new missions and acquire 6 demanding new Achievements.
  • Direct fearsome units and manage devastating armies to dominate the war-ravaged landscape of Gielinor.
  • Vanquish the false gods of Gielinor, and lead the righteous Guthix to reclaim his throne as almighty ruler of RuneScape.

FunOrb subscribers, become part of the RuneScape legend today in Armies of Gielinor: Guthix Awakens.

Mod Gabriel
FunOrb Content Editor